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Not sure what is going on but with the admin centre now if you raise a service request I can only request that someone calls me.  Then aside from that I cannot raise a second request until that one has been closed.


Also the View Service requests just takes you back to the same screen and does not show any old requests or anything.


Very poor if they are now limiting a Global Admin to just 1 request at a time.

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I have just had it confirmed whilst on a call to support that this is the case, it is now limited to 1 service request at a time per admin!

That's... retarted. Really, I've had cases that stayed open for months. And what's stopping me to just create another GA and open a new request with it.

Indeed it is and you are right you could do that but how inconvenient would that be.

Nice that they have just quietly changed it as well, no mention of the change that I can see, it was frustrating as hell just trying to deal with them today for two tickets.

Just curious, what kind of subscription do you have?

E5 subscription

Awesome... Well I'll try to get some info about this, see if anyone on MS side bothers to comment...

Good luck, maybe I am just having an issue raising more than one and the support guy I spoke to knows nothing... I guess we will see.

@Anne Michels might be able to comment on the changes in the Admin portal, I'm still looking for someone that can confirm the changes in the actual support model. So far it seems like the MS folks are also surprised by this...

I asked our TAM @ Microsoft in the past and I got this answer. "Its a big difference between Professional Support and Premier Support. If you want to be business ready you need a Premier Support contract".

At the moment we have a premier support contract and we can open more than 1 case over a special premier support website.If you want to open a case over the Office 365 Admincenter you create a professional case.

Its not a solution but I hope this information helps to understand.


BR Steven

Not every organization can afford Premier support though, and fraknly, you shouldnt be forced to buy it. Anyway, the issue here seems to be something related to "business" tenants, which have this limitation. Even though they've purchased E5 licenses...

Plus we always had the ability previously to raise multiple tickets at a time, it only seems to have changed since the update of the admin center and how you can start a new ticket.

Have you created a post at uservoice so that the change can be ranked? If you post the link here we can rank your post. If you have a few points for your post the developer will read your input.


BR Steven

Sorry Steven I am unaware of uservoice, how would I go about that?
Hi Peter, please use following URL for Office 365 useroice.


I have tried to contact @Anne Michels but no response at all.


Also I have now created an idea in the uservoice section

I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago, and it eventually reverted back to its' previous model. I can now create more than one service request at a time. It seems like Office 365 may be doing some A/B testing with admin interface features. Regardless, I believe if you need to get around this you can still just call the support phone number and generate a new service request that way.

Hi all, 

apologies for the delayed response as I am travelling for business. I'm looking into this and will share more information with you shortly.



Hi all,

We're currently updating the Office 365 support experience to provide faster and more efficient help and resolution of issues. We started rolling this out in April and plan to complete the roll out in the next few months.


For a short time, some customers will not be able to open multiple support tickets or see their support ticket history. We're working on bringing this functionality back shortly.  If you have a support ticket open with us and encounter another issue, please use the "Need help" button to connect back with a support engineer. The engineer will typically contact you within 10 minutes.

We will post a message regarding this to the Message Center shortly and apologize for not sending a proactive communication about this.



Here is Peter's Uservoice link.


I am finding that the new support system does not allow me to post sufficient information to help the engineers on the receiving end. I then have to ask them to email me the ticket so that I can attach the screen shots and troubleshooting steps that I have been through. Making the process a little more inefficient.