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I have the License admin role. Unfortunatley i cant distribute any license to users becasue the drop down menu [More] is not available where i can edit product licenses.


Also on the license tab i dont see any users (its all greyd out). 


So my best gues is that i need to have more rolls to do this but not sure which roll i need to add.


Any help would be great.


Peter Brom

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Not sure which dropdown menu are you talking about, but you should be able to see the list of users (Users -> Active users) and assign license from there. Alternatively, you can select Billing -> Licenses -> click the license -> Assign licenses -> search for a user. If that's not the case, check with your IT folks whether they've given you the correct permissions or ask them to open a support case as something might be broken.


Another way is also to go to Billing->Licenses->Select the license -> Click on Assign Licenses->Type Names in Search Box ->Click Assign .


You can also use PowerShell to achieve this if the users are a lot . .

1. $unlicensed = Get-MsolUSer –UnlicensedUserOnly

To get Unlicensed Users 

2. foreach ($user in $unlicensed){set-msoluserlicense -UserprincipalName $user.UserPrincipalName -AddLicenses "InputYourLicenseHere"}


This will assign the license to those users