Problem Migration through Classic Admin Center Vs New Admin Center

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I have a client that already using the classic view of admin center and migrating users from On-premise to Office365 , suddenly he informed me that he is unable to create new migration batch and end up with the msg as attached  .


Surprise, that if we try on the same time using the New view of Admin center and create the batch their will be no problem and the migration completed normally .


Any Idea or  happing with you !!

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@HaniGhaddaf We are also having the same issue. It was working perfect fine yesterday and suddenly it stop working today. Any insight would be great.

Same here. Microsoft please look into this!
Possible microsoft getting off from legacy versions and i faced spam filter report issue which was not working in classic view and was ok on new admin center and came to know ms agent that microsoft migrating the clients to new admin center.