Preventing Users from deleting emails from O365 Group Mailbox

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How can I limit users for subject issue? I need kind of Read Only access to all users.

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You cant, Groups are not designed to offer read-only access. You can ensure that messages are not permanently deleted by enabling retention policies/hold on the Group, but that will still allow users to perform the delete action in Outlook/OWA.

Ok so after I create retention policy, where can I see the deleted emails (by users) for O365 group mailbox for future ref?
Not sure if there is a builtin feature that allows you to get the information about deleted e-mails
depending on what you are trying to achieve (and if you are the owner of the Group and also Exchange online admin) you could create a Flow Rule in Exchange online administration, for forwarding all emails sent to the Group Mailbox to the mailbox that you specify

To get the deleted/preserved messages, you will be querying the mailbox via eDiscovery. Or via the newly introduced Get-RecoverableItems cmdlet:

Take into account that for retention policies you need Exchange online plan 2 and if you include Office 365 groups in a retention policy, both mailbox and site contents are retained.