Premier Support - Add a new version for Admin help

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I'm trying to submit a Premier Support ticket for an issue I'm having in the Admin Center regarding adding a custom tile.  When I choose O365 as the product, there is no applicable version to choose for general Admin Center issue.  Can someone from Microsoft add an 'Admin' option to the version list?  


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Maybe it has changed, but months ago I was told that it doesn't matter which category you select when you are submitting a ticket. It's routed to the same location and from there get's routed to the correct group based on the description of the issue.

You can submit the queries with any one common catagory, once support engineer connect you , explain the exact issue. Then they will redirect to respective team. 

I spent a lot of time on this issue with MS two years ago and they assured me it would be improved. I'm disappointed to see that it still exists.