powershell script , enter the Active directory group; it recursively checks members for e3 license

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I want a powershell script where if i  enter the Active directory group; it recursively checks each member ifor office 365 e3 enterprise license.


Is there a link or script which i can make use of.



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this is not exactly what i am looking for.


Is there a way to check if an user has the e3 enterprise license using powershell.


If thats possible, i can iterate over a group and get the members to check for e3 license.



Here's a quick example:


Get-MsolGroupMember -GroupObjectId 9e629d33-d655-440c-89af-15738e59e667 | % {Get-MsolUser -ObjectId $_.ObjectId | ? {$_.Licenses.AccountSkuId -eq "tenant:ENTERPRISEPACK"} }


where you need to replace the group's objectID and the SKU for your tenant's E3 pack. If you want to use on-prem AD group instead, use the Get-ADGroup cmdlet and the user's UPN instead.