Power BI Service Admin Role

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Does anyone know if there are any plans to create a PowerBI Service Admin role?  As currently implemented, PowerBI settings must be administered by an O365 Global Admin, which precludes delegation of responsibilities and is not consistent with the concept of least privileged administration.


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I believe Microsoft is also working on providing that role, but let's wait for Anne :)
Indeed and if on first release you will get the new roles soon. Don´t really know when they turned up on mine.

Anne mentioned it in last week's blog post about the latest updates to the O365 Admin Center :)


New Power BI admin role—The Power BI admin role is a new role in Azure AD, meant for those tasked with administering Power BI for their organization. Office 365 user admins can assign users to be Power BI admins within the Office 365 admin center or via PowerShell script. Once a user is assigned, they’ll be able to access the Power BI Admin portal. There, they will have access to tenant-wide usage metrics and be able to control tenant-wide usage of Power BI features.