Office 365 - User Enrollment - No Additional Methods available

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My users get an error: Additional security verification Mobile app verification option is not enabled for your organization. Contact your IT admin. My global admin can setup SMS verification no problem but standard users do not get the option. I've enabled in within the MFA settings. I have users that do not have smart phones and only receive texts. Can anyone tell me why this error is coming up for non admin users? where can I enable sms as an option for verification for standard users? Could this be because I have them setup with AD Connect syncing passwords from AD? I wouldn't think so because ultimately it's still AAD that is authenticating them.

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Check the answers in your other thread - there's no need to double post.

@Vasil Michev- You are correct, I double posted because I was afraid it wouldn't be seen by the correct groups.  I was wrong - you all saw it and responded quickly - thanks so much for the help.