Office 365 rollout

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Order of 365 rollout.

I have jus moved to another company and they are rolling out office 365.

They are moving over everyone to Teams and OneDrive and later they are migrating Exchange.

I think there is a problem with migrating Exchange after Teams and it has to do with AD profiles, but I am not sure.

Can someone please give me best practice on this and can it be done in this order?





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As long as there's some form of Exchange included (eg. Exchange Online or Exchange Server on-premise), you should be fine. Having said that, Teams does rely on Exchange up to a certain degree, and in the case of a migration I'm currently working on (7000+ users) we will first migrate "user data" (Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business) and after that we will allow people to sign in and also use SharePoint Online and Teams.