Office 365 Reports in the Admin Center Preview


The new O365 Reports Dashboard shows you the activity overview across the O365 products in your organization. It lets you drill in to individual product level reports to give you more granular insight about the activities within each product.


How do I get to the Reports dashboard? 

How to get to the email activity report?

How do I get to the SharePoint Activity Report? 

How do I get to the OneDrive for Business Activity Report? 

How to get to the Skype for Business Activity report 


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Nice post!
Thank you, Juan)

There is no doubt that the Office 365 Admin team have done a good job in developing a set of standard reports for tenants. However, I still feel that there is still a lot of value to be gained from third party reporting and monitoring products. I make the case here...

Thanks for sharing, Anatoliy! As some of you might have noticed, the SharePoint activity and the OneDrive activity report are actually not available yet. They will roll out next week.

An example for documentation being avaialble even before the feature :D