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A new customer want to move from Google Apps to Office 365 couple of questions:

1. Information provided indicates that mail customisation can be done.

2. Is this domain hosting or do we still have to do this separately?

3. Can multiple domains be applied to each user or do separate licences need to be used.
Eg: I have saidi and SMC addresses are these both covered as 1 Office 365 user or do we need a saidi licence and a separate SMC one ?

4. Information says that it uses MS Exchange technology.

5. Is this fully included or do we need a separate MS exchange licence ?

Thank for your kind assistance.
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My comments here:
1. What do you mean bu mail customization?
2. You have to do it separately
3. You can have several alias for a single user. If you require to be able to send e-mails from different e-mail accounts you can create shared mailboxes an grant permissions to those shared mailboxes to the user
4. Correct
5. Any Office 365 plan that includes Exchange Online will provide these features

I don't think I am understanding all your questions but check out this resource, which goes through the details of migrating from Google email to Office 365 - Migrate G Suite mailboxes to Office 365. One of the first steps is to validate your domain, assuming you wish to use a custom domain, which is purchased separately.  There is a FAQ about domains in Office 365 as well.


Exchange Online is the email service that comes with most Office 365 for business plans: all of the Enterprise plans (E1, E3, E5) as well as  Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Business Essentials for example, at no extra cost.