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I have 45 business premium licenses assigned previous, now i have purchased 40 business premium licenses and 5 E5 Licenses. I updated the 40 licenses then it is showing 5 invalid i want to know which 5 licenses are going to be invalid, is there any way to know or O365 randomly unassigns the 5 licenses

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How did you update de 40 licenses? and how many users do you have in your tenant?
I have 45 users who have Business Premium earlier, 40 new business premium license are integrated into the 45 users, now issue is 5 users don't have valid licenses. Know I want to know how it will deactivate the 5 licenses either by randomly unassigns or any other way.... because if know who are going to unlicensed I will assign the E5 later.... question is is it possible to get those effected 5 users
Your users won't really be removed form the license but under Billing > Licenses on the admin portal, you will see the notification of the users that aren't compliant. You can then click on the'unassign" link and it will give you a filtered view of the ones that don't have licenses. Then you can assign those the E5.