Office 365 Admin Usage Reports All GUIDs All the time...

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In my tenant the OneDrive and SharePoint Usage reports on Office 365 Admin Center (newest version) is displaying GUID links and GUID username rather than the human comprehensible data.


Example: "Site owner" : "[PII:H101(TLQB7b12eF+wrhXUxljRIasPiZTFmQiRjm09Khev5+Q=):E243(bF+sGeBqHCnTA7sxqQNHOK/uD5IFVCt0j+m+LuwNAHYvob+T4ITlgHfG3z0yQeOMK44XsDDb0fSiB0PwxYd3Tg==)]"


I have a ticket entered for Microsoft Online Support, but since it typically takes a few conversations with them before they even understand the issue rather than trying to through back at me the first two solutions they managed to google based on the first words out of my mouth after hello, I though I would query the group.

Is this happening out there or is it just my tenant.


Service Health seems to only be reporting an issue they caused with the "classic"/"old" version of Office 365 Admin Reports.

Thanks. James

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Yeah, I'm seeing the same for the ODFB report. Looks like the "Display anonymous identifiers instead of names in all reports" setting is taking effect even though it's disabled :)


@Anne Michels can you check on this please?

Confirmed, seeing this too!!! I wonder what those GUIDs codes means :p

Thanks all for flagging. Our engineering team is looking into it.

Seems like base64 encoded values for the UPN and sites, probably signed with some key as I cannot decode them :)

:p at least you tried it

Hi all,

for us to further investigate, could you please send me your tenant ID to anne.michels(@)



Sent mine, with a screen to better illustrate the issue.

Thanks all. We've identified the root cause and are already rolling out a fix. So this issue should be gone in your tenants soon.



Our DLP reports are showing the same GUID, not identifying the file location and user.  How long typically would a rollout among all the tenants.  All our DLP reporting is pretty much unusable without the correct information.




Hi Mark,

could you please send me your tenant ID to anne.michels(@) @VasilMichev and @Juan Carlos González Martín, are you still seeing the problem?



OneDrive/SPO reports look fine now, dont have any data in the DLP report to check on that :)

Hi, has been like that for a long time? Propably an update unfinished or gone wrong. Give the MS Team a headsup. Also could you make a screendump for us?
For my part, this was resolved as part of SP92913 - SharePoint and OneDrive usage report issue on Feb 8, 2017.

Hi Anne,


Thanks for taking a look! Ill send you an email with my Tenant ID now.  We will also test our DLP reports, as others in this thread have had success.



Hi everyone,

Our DLP reports still show the GUID instead of the file location in Sharepoint and the Last Modified user.  Are others still having any issues with the GUID?



Thanks, all. This is a seperate issue and we're working with Mark to investigate and solve.

I Got the Same issue after Office 365 Adoption Content Pack Activation on my tenant.