Office 365 A1 and Data Loss Prevention

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Hello folks,


yesterday i tried to set up DLP (Data Loss Prevention) - policies for my tenant.

I was quite confused because DLP was not available at all.


As far as i could find out in Microsoft Docs, DLP should be available from Office 365 A1 upwards.


Did anyone experience the same issue?


Thank you and have a great day!



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DLP is available in E3 and equivalent, so for education that translates to A3. Then again, it might be something made available in lower SKUs for EDU... best ask your Microsoft representatives.

@boombatz3 DLP is available in A1 EDU (tenants) SKUS.  But have a look here 


Hope this helps.  I have built a number of DLP's for my schools


Thanks Matt

Can anyone help with setting DLP for unmanaged devices to restrict downloads from Outlook, SharePoint , Teams etc