O365 User filter not displaying properly

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While examining all users in our tenant, I have a filter to only show (all) users with a license location of Germany. When this filter is applied, it only shows a tiny fraction of users I know have a Location set to Germany.
I verified the locations about 24 hours ago at the time of this writing. Is there a longer period to wait, or is there some sort of 'next page' button I can't see?

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In the GUI, it only shows about 40 users by default.  If you scroll to the very bottom of that list though, it should load the next group automatically, then scroll again, and so on.  

How many users do you have in Germany? The users' list in the Admin Center does not have paging but it also true that it does not show all the users that can be in a tenant where there is a big number of users...the same appliest when you set a filter

There are about 40 licenses assigned the Germany location in a tenant of about 200 users/objects.
I have tried waiting for more list to load, but nothing happens. It shows the alphabetical end of the list (some accounts marked with zzzOLD…)
So, I don't think its paging.

I notice similar discrepancies in other areas of O365. When trying to make retention policies and apply them to specific groups or mailboxes, it will only list a fragment of what I know we have for groups or mailboxes.

On a whim,  I deleted the custom view and recreated it.
All users, all sign in status, location = Germany.

Saved and tried to use.

NO results found.

Where is this "location" field being scanned if not in the license details?

The location should be pulling from the "Usage Location" that is set when assigning a license.