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Is ther a way to get a report from the admin portal wiht he version of Micosoft office that is being used by the users?

If not, is this on the road map?

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Have you checked the Office activations usage report? I think is what you are looking for

Well, the Office Activations report seems to show whether a user has downloaded and activated Office desktop click-to-run, but it doesn't show the version number in use (could be important if you want to check lingering updates required for new functionality), nor does it show anything about MSI versions of Office (as far as I can tell) or whether old versions of Office (before 2016) are used. I also don't trust the dates because I can see an entry (in my tenant) for a user who apparently activated Office 2016 for Mac on 10 Nov 2014. It probably is that this is the date that Office for Mac was first activated on the machine and the date wasn't changed when subsequent updates were applied... I also see three activations for Office on Windows Phone for my account (but I have one phone) and 1 for iOS (I've activated on at least one iPhone and an iPad).  In short, some of the data is a mystery... and because you can't drill down into the data to check what lies beneath, it will remain a mystery.


I don't believe that any of the third-party reporting products do any better. This is because they all depend on data provided by Microsoft through a reporting API... and that's what Microsoft is reporting here too.

Thanks Juan carlos, but as Tony Redmond mentioned it only gives your the activations.
thank you for the input tony, We manage the updates locally and i want to push them to gorup of users and the version will be help full to decide he needs it and weho doesn't since we dont upgrade to the later version.
Daniel and @Tony Redmond  Microsoft Intune does a pretty good of giving you detail reports like specifically when a user last updated their office, and even which version their currently running. Yes it's an extra charge (around $9/user/m) but would give you the information and also allow you to push out updates to specific users with out having to make an investment in System Center.

Don't you think that this is something that should be available to tenant admins without paying an extra fee for the info? I do...

To chime in, yes this would be good and it would be a useful addition, you shouldn't really have to spend extra for this.  Even more so as channel versions become unsupported, like 1602 next month and making sure all PCs are on the right version.  This info isn't available either from the Power BI Office 365 Adoption pack by the way.


Saying that, Configuration Manager now comes with some great reporting with the Office 365 Client Management dashboard (as well as deployment and update features for O365 ProPlus), showing 


  • Number of Office 365 clients
  • Office 365 client versions
  • Office 365 client channels

By the way @Scott Johnson if you buy Intune, you get rights to use Config Mgr, though it's still a hefty investment with hardware and expertise etc.