Notifications for exhausted SKUs

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We have several sku's we pay for and when we have no licenses available for provisioning purposes this leaves us in a bind to order more and have several managers ask 'why didn't we get alerted on this'. 


I've left user voice concerns several times and opened up Ms case on this as of recent. Why doesn't Microsoft have the ability for us to alert when we have say only 10 licenses available per sku? To me this is just a win for Microsoft for there clients to perhaps buy more licensing?


The ask: please put into development the feature for all your customer base to be able to be alerted via email when skus are running low on licensing please.

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You can easily automate this via PowerShell or Flow, in fact there are script samples available online. If you are looking for a built-in solution, best post it over at the Feedback portal, so it can be ignored there too :)
Posted over there as well as the 'feedback' section in admin portal, I appreciate your PS flow but many of us world wide either do not have the time to setup a flow and understand that logic as well as test it. I've seen your tutorial on that and is somewhat confusing as I've never used it but maybe I give it another shot. Regardless we (MS's customer base) shouldn't be setting up flows and building PS scripts this should be something they supply as a feature with in tenants!
I agree, this is why I asked you to submit the feedback - they do read this. Whether they will act on it is another story, but you never know.

@Vasil Michev  i think FLOW (Power Automate) wont work for this. We tried this as well.