No option to edit home page in Admin center

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Hi, in our tenant we don't have the option showing to "edit home page" in the Admin center.  Usually there is a pencil icon next to the "Home" page title, but we don't see this. This is the same for all of our Global Admin accounts.  


2017-04-05 09_26_54-Office Admin center - Home.png


Is this something that we may have turned off somewhere? And if so, can someone point me in the direction of turning it back on again please?

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AFAIK, this an OOB feature and I don't recall to see an option to enable / disable it...but let's see what others can say here

Yes, customization of Admin Center Home page disappeared for us as well. Have no idea if it's possible to switch it on.

For anyone this may help, I logged this with Microsoft Support - ref SRX617061393441242ID - and got a response saying that this is "by design" with DirSync-Enabled tenants.   I'm not sure why this is different to tenants that don't have DirSync enabled, and the support representative couldn't explain this eaither. 


Would be interested to know if others with this feature missing, also have DirSync enabled?



Hi Pete,


Thank you for informing. Looks strange. Yes, we are with DirSync and without home page editing functionality.

 We are using Azure AD Connect and don't have the option to edit.