New Exchange Admin Center (Dec 2020)

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I have been nagged quite often to try the new Exchange Admin Center. So I did.


Its very slow. Adding an email address in to do a mail trace can take minutes to enumerate just one user. Then adding a delegate to shared mailbox. Again, go away, make a coffee, come back. Very slow.


There doesn't seem to be a feedback button on the page. 


I am fairly sure I will just have to use PowerShell otherwise every task is going to take minutes instead of seconds. I am sure it will be mandatory soon. I don't welcome it.




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Seems to work quite fast here, but obviously mileage can vary between tenants. The Feedback button is collapsed in the low right corner, looks like a chat icon.

@Vasil Michev I work on a large Government tenant in the UK. Scaling is an issue. The "feedback" button only points you to help files and raising a support case on my tenant. We have a protocol for support cases here. I will talk to my escalation team but I wanted to highlight that there are performance issues.