Multi-Factor Authentication Problem!

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I work for an MSP which provides technical support for other companies. As such, we have administrative credentials for Microsoft 365 for said companies. Historically, MFA was configured to send a code to our company's main number via SMS. Recently, we changed to a new VOIP system which also accepts SMS messages - with the very annoying exception of SMS authentication messages from Microsoft.


For most of my customers, I was able to alternatively select a phone call as an option and subsequently reconfigure the admin account's MFA for an authenticator application. However I still have two companies where the only option configured was the text code. If I can simply have someone (I need to speak to a person) add our number (the same number) as a secondary authentication option to receive phone call verifications, I can resolve these last two customers. Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can contact or how I can get this issue resolved? My deepest appreciation and thanks in advance.

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Microsoft support may the right party to speak in person

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I appreciate the sentiment, but I have had nothing but bad luck when trying to contact Microsoft via phone. Every number gives me the automated runaround and ultimately disconnects me. Does anyone have a solid phone number where I can get to an actual person?