Moved Users can use the combined security information registration experience?

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Hello, I am trying set up conditional access at Entra and i have to enable this settings but i cannot find it.

By documentation it shout be here but it is not.

Azure Active Directory > User settings > Manage user feature settings



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That should already be enabled by default for all tenants, no need to configure it. You can try the direct URL:


How about check from : Go to User–>User settings–>Choose the setting “Manage user preview settings”?

Exact same issue this option is missing from our tenant too. Just setup Azure AD Premium P1 for all users does it take time to show up? It’s been 48 hours.


I’ve tried both methods suggested both give exactly the same results as the screenshot. 

This feature is enabled by default for tenants created after August 15, 2020, so the setting itself would not appear.

@thdy Indeed but as the OP points out it SHOULD be in the documentation that this feature is not shown for Azure tenants created after 15th August 2020 as it is already enabled by default. It is exceptionally frustrating to read documentation describing how to do something that references something that is missing, when the documentation could easily be updated to say that it wont appear if your tenant was created after 15th August 2020. 


That's the crux of the matter the documentation needs an update so it correctly reflects the current situation. As with a lot of Microsoft documentation is kinda mentions it in passing but it is not at all clear that the effect is that this dialog option is missing.