Misleading graphs in the Admin Center Usage Reports

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When I look at our usage reports, it visually appears that Exchange and Yammer usage are roughly the same for my organization:



However, our actual Exchange number is 50,734 while Yammer (blue) is 13,640.  The problem is the scale -- the distance from 1 to 10 is the same distance as 10k to 100k?  For me, that makes this graph misleading at best, and unusable at worst. 

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It's a logarithmic scale, but I guess that's a valid feedback. @Anne Michels

Totally agree. I never, ever show these logarithmic scale charts to anyone. They would be horribly misinterpreted.

Thanks for taking time to provide feedback. Feedback noted. Will look into addressing it.


How would you correct this data?

@RAYSHON0323 We use the Adoption pack for Power BI that Microsoft released a few years ago to display adoption stats between the workloads.AdoptionGraph.png