Minimum Role for Help Desk to Delete User/Reassign OneDrive

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I've got my help desk people assigned to role 'User management administrator'. But when then try to do a 'delete' user in the admin portal, or try to access their OneDrive to reassign it to a manager (or just look to see if they've used it), they get an 'error accessing user...' I can do it as global. I've read all the descriptions and I can't figure out which roles I really need.


I want them to be able to offboard a user - reset their password - delete them from online directory which prompts them to remove licensing/redirect their onedrive to their manager.....


What am I missing?

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The User management admin role doesn't grant any permissions in SPO, thus it cannot do the "reassign" action. Try assigning the SPO admin role as well, or just have them delete the user without triggering this action.

Thanks Vasil - giving help desk the SPO admin role gave them the access they needed for now.