Migrate email to a O365 Teams emails

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Hi there!


I tested out the email migration function and it works well. However, we used to have a shared mailbox, say info@domain.com, which we now want to use as an O365 Teams shared mailbox so abc@domain.com and dev@domain.com can both be part of the group and share the mailbox.


How can I migrate that email into the O365 shared mail?



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Teams and the underlying Office 365 Groups mailboxes are somewhat limited when it comes to handling email (and calendar items), so I'd suggest stick to using a shared mailbox. 

Thanks @Vasil Michev  ... some of our members jumped on Teams right away and so many of our "shared email mailbox" names are part of the O365 group email that's attached to the team.

And we can't change that so if sales@domain.com is already used as the username an O365 Group for the Sales Team, how do we get sales@domain.com for the shared mailbox if we can't change the O365 name?

You can change anything via PowerShell. For the Group, use the Set-UnifiedGroup cmdlet.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for this!


I did change the address of my Teams's O365 group email, myteam@domain.com to teams.myteam@domaincom but then when I tried to create a shared mailbox with myteam@domain.com, it says that "The proxy address SMTP:myteam@domain.com is already being used by the proxy addresses or LegacyExchangeDN of ..... Please choose another proxy address."


EDIT: figured out that when I changed the PrimarySmtpAddress with the new email, it automatically created an alias with the old one. Trying to figure out how to remove the alias.

Something like this should do it:


Set-UnifiedGroup groupname -EmailAddresses @{remove="address@domain.com"}

@Vasil Michev Thank you!