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So, I setup and Alert policy in Purview/Compliance.


For the activity I selected 'Granted mailbox permission'.


I added myself to receive an email alert.


This alert seems to be working but only if I add 'Full access' permission to a mailbox. I do NOT receive an alert when I add Send As, or Send on behalf. I would assume those 2 would also trigger this alert. Am I doing something wrong?



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The alert only covers Full access permissions, as it corresponds to detection of the Add-MailboxPermission cmdlet. No other permission types are covered.
Vasil, thanks so much for the quick reply! So, no way to get an alert for 'Send as' or 'Send on behalf' ? I can pull this info using PS but wanted an email alert. Again, thanks so much!
You can create a new alert via PowerShell, and use Add-RecipientPermission as operation. For send on behalf of it's not as easy, as the corresponding cmdlet covers a lot more operations, and afaik, you cannot filter based on the parameters used.