Microsoft 365 Admin Center unable to delete user with status Accepted

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We had a personal account set up in February 2022 to use Teams - it later transpired that Teams Essentials could not run breakout rooms, so Microsoft 365 Business Basic license was also purchased (lets call it


By April, we purchased a number of licenses for Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and somehow the accounts were merged (possibly from a failed Custom Domain Setup Wizard) - so previous purchases, licenses, and billing are now displayed in the admin center for Some of the things I have checked:

  1. I cannot see if logged on as
  2. I could see if logged on as - but could not manage or delete
  3. I gave admin rights to and can now edit contact information (but still cannot remove or change the assigned licenses)

We're now in a situation where the account cannot be managed and doesn't appear to have any active licenses (so a training event currently running can only be hosted on teams for 1 hour at a time, due to the limitations of the free version). I've tried making the account global admin, adding other licenses like PowerBI, and managing through - but to no avail...


If I just try and buy another subscription, the website tells me "This account is managed by your organisation. To use Microsoft 365 Business Basic, you'll need to ask your administrator to get it for you, or create an account to get it yourself."


Is there a way to remove from the organisations admin centre - or at least manage the subscriptions so I can add a valid one?


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