Microsoft 365 admin center tip messages: how to stop them appearing

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After signing into, I choose to go into Admin for the "Microsoft 365 admin center".


Everytime I do so, I get a series of "Tip" pages.  The first one is titled:  Welcome to the admin center

A total of 3 messages show up, always the same.  I respond Next, Next, Finish.   Then when I sign in another time, the same annoyance occurs again.


I have more than one account I can sign on with.  One other account does not give these messages, but I have had that account for a long time.


The account that has the problem was recently granted my admin access.


Is there a hidden toggle setting for this somewhere?

Any suggestions on what the problem may be?


Help please!

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Afaik those are cookie-based, as soon as you "acknowledge" them, they shouldn't bother you anymore. But if you happen to access the portal via Private sessions every time, there's no getting rid of them :)

@JamesMattus  Were you able to find a solution for this issue? I am seeing the same behavior on admin portal. Every time I logout and log back in I see those three tip messages.