Message Center messes up read/unread

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The messages in my message center keep switching to unread.


Is this a bug, or is there anything I can do about it? 

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Also, why there is no category in Support Requests for Admin Center? How can i file anything related to Admin Center? It's an important part of O365 services. Now i have to file ity in a wrong category or post in the forums when this should be forwarded to support and development teams..

It did it again. This morning it was showing me all messages as unread messages.

Today it's ok again.. And support engineer was asking for PSR and source codes from me.. Insane.

Haha, back again today. All messages showing as unread. Awful awful services we pay huge money for..

I checked last week and the read/unread seemed about right.


Back in today, everything is unread, all the way back to 14th July 2016.


Definitly something wrong here.

Well, the support engineer told me that he will close the case, but that the issue is being escalated to the development team. For what it's worth..

Well, I got a mail now on my O365 admin account with the recent updates that pretty much makes the message center web display irrelevant for me.