Message Center Dismiss/Read/Unread

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Is anyone else not able to dismiss or mark as read the messages in Message Center?  I have tried to see if it is a cookie issue, but it does not seem to.  I am blocking all 3rd party cookies and allowing all known Office 365 domains ([*.], [*.], [*.], [*.], [*.], [*.], [*.] in chrome.  I have tried the other browers (Firefox and IE 11) to no joy.  Any ideas?

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Seems to work fine here, using IE on W10.

NOW it works.  Something must have gotten fixed.  I usually dismiss all the messages after I have read them and anything I did (mark them as read, dismissed the messages) would come back after I refreshed the screen.  

All mine were showing as unread even though I had read them all.
Yep, I have also seen this in my tenants this week
I have had the same for a few weeks now. Getting a little annoying now.