Managing o365 A la carte licenses

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My organization recently purchased A5 for the entire enterprise.  However there are still a lot of very specific o365 license types configured.  Is there anything built in within o365 that enables license managers to track who "owns and purchased" a particular license?  Right now we can see who a license is assigned to, but that does not always correlate to the person who owns it.  Asking because people leave and sometimes a license can be reused.  We've been working on a Power Bi Report, but it seems that metadata like "owner", "purchase date" would go a very long way.  We are considering storing this on the outside in SharePoint and finding some unique key back to the license entries, but seems like a messy process that will fall out of sync.



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You can get the dates, but there is no "owner" or similar. You have to collect/store that information on your own.