list of Microsoft forms created in a tenancy

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Hi, i want to get a list of Microsoft forms created in a tenancy. How can i get a list for the tenancy



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admin's don't have visibility into other users forms so you can't really get this information to my knowledge.
Agree here, I'm not sure even if Forms expose this info. via API...definitively an interesting ask

This would be a feature request, to add this functionality, there is similar interest for this that you can vote on and comment on, to let Microsoft know how important this would be, on the Suggestion Box, such as this idea: eDiscovery - view and export all forms.

By the looks of it, Microsoft Forms data will be searchable from eDiscovery by the end of next month, so that may well help with this, to some extent.

Hi All, Is this now possible?
How can and admin get all the ms forms that have been created?

Thanks in Advance

there's no real progress from Microsoft on this topic in 2024.
By looking at this topic (same request) :
You can see that since 2021, only PureView query can be done, and "maybe one day" some eDiscovery feature as well, with no ETA.