Limiting POP and IMAP use.

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I have been asked to modify our Cloud Only Office 365 so that we no longer allow IMAP or POP.

I ran a "EmailAppUsageUser" report only a small group appeared under the IMAP4 column.


Question1: Will that break Mobile (Smart Phones) using Downloaded Outlook or iPhone Native Email or Android Email?

Question2: How do I turn off IMAP and POP access from our Portal and or Powershell?

Anyone have Issues that has turned off IMAP or POP?

Thank you for any assistance.



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Hi David,


If the users are using Activesync will not break anything to the users.


To change the POP and IMAP by PowerShell please read the following article

Thank you for your SuperQuick response.
Please forgive my ignorance...
Does the Microsoft App on the iPhone or Android use ActiveSync?
Does the native Email Program on iPhone use ActiveSync?

Hi David,


Yes, but the users can configure it with IMAP or POP.