Issues with Migrating IMAP to Microsoft 365

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Hello everyone, 


we have a issue after migrating a Mailboxe from IMAP to Microsoft 365. 

We used the E-Mail Address email address removed for privacy reasons to create the necessary Microsoft Account. But we probably made the Mistake, that we actually want to use this Address with a Microsoft 365 E3 Licensed Account. I think the issue is, that both a Microsoft-Account and Tenant-Account, both with E-Mails exist. Sending E-Mails works just fine, recieving them does not work. Also when sending, the address is correct but the display name is outlook_****

When the tenant was created, the "initial" User info@domain also appeared, and we just gave him a Microsoft 365 E3 License. I think that was the mistake. 


Steps we made:

1. Create Microsoft Account with email address removed for privacy reasons

2. Create Azure AD Tenant with Subscription

3. Bought 1 Microsoft 365 E3 License

4. Added Domain

5. Added User

6. Updated DNS Records (automatically done by microsoft on cloudflare dns)

7. Assigned Licenses


Also, we're not able to log in to this Account, presumably because of the mistake above. 


Now my Question: is there a way to fix this?



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This is assuming you are utilizing Microsoft Outlook.

The IMAP protocol displays current (live so to say) items within a mailbox, much like a browser displays a web page. The IMAP protocol also takes actions, read, mark unread, delete, move, on a mailbox.

You have a couple of options: 1. (Easy/Time Consuming) you can add the Office35 account to Outlook (if that's what you are using and copy items from the IMAP account to the Microsoft365 Exchange account which will copy the e-mail items from the IMAP account to the Exchange Account while moving the items to the Trash/Deleted Items in the IMAP account. 2 (POP/if available; quick and safe). Setup POP/SMTP acccount and download the e-mail to an (offline) PST file before importing the data to the Exchange account.

Remember to verify if the user is utilizing the Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks
the issue is not migrating mailbox data from imap to exchange. The Issue is, that a Microsoft Account and Azure AD Account have the same e-mail address. Therefor i cannot login into the tenant account or assign licenses. When logging into outlook webmail and selecting that is a company account i get an error telling me that no license is assigned. Which,, i think, is another indicator of that problem.
So to clarify, is it