Inconsistent Report Data

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When I look at the Reports, Usage page, the OneDrive files chart shows Active Users 43 of 544, when I click on it the OneDrive Usage chart shows data as of yesterday and the last day shows Total Accounts 529 and Active Accounts 15.


Does this inconsistent data occur for anyone else?


Which is correct?


On the OneDrive Usage page, the table is showing more Active Files than Files, which does not seem possible. One account shows 5 files and 36 Active Files, which does not make any sense to me.


@Anne Michels can you provide any insight?

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Ey Dean, is this happening in more than one tenant?

Yes, i just checked another tenant and I see the same issue.

Hi Dean, thanks for the feedback. We're looking into this.



Same issue here: For our tenant the OneDrive report is missing a lot of data as well. Most users do not appear in the report while they áre using OneDrive.

Hello Dean,

Thanks for your message.

On the OneDrive card we show number of active users/enabled users. When you click on the card that action takes you to the Onedrive account usage report, rather than the OneDrive user activity report, which is why it feels like an error.

OneDrive usage report - shows total number of onedrive accounts and the number of active accounts with file activity.

OneDrive activity report - shows total enabled onedrive users and the number of active users who performed a file activity (could be on a file on anyone's OneDrive account)


If you select the OneDrive Acitivity report from the report dropdown you should be able to see the correct number matching up for that reporting period as to what is shown in the OneDrive card.


I have made a note of the issue that we can improve the card interaction to go to the OneDrive activity report, so that when you see active user information on the card, you are taken to the OneDrive user activity report rather than the OneDrive account usage report


Also to your second point - the OneDrive usage report shows number of files as of the date of the report, so the way to read this report is that as of the date of the report there were 5 files on the user's OneDrive, however during the reporting period there were 36 files that were acted on. Its possible that the action on the files was delete, which is why you now have less files on the OneDrive.


Hope that helps, and thanks for posting your comments - Shilpi