Import more than 50 gb pst to O365

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I am planning to impirt more than 50 gb pst to office365 user having exchang eonline p1 plan & unlimited exchange online archive.


if i will import through outlook what will happen when main mailbox size reached to 50 GB Limit as per plan.


and other free tools to perform this task.

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You will end up hitting the quota and restricted from sending/receiving messages. It's best to ingest smaller amount, say half the data, wait for the auto-expanding archiving process to move it to the archive, then ingest the remaining data.

can we import 40 gb data to online archive mailbox directly?

That depends on the tool you are using. In general, yes, you should be able to do so.

Importing a large PST into Office 365 with a 50GB limit can be tricky. There are manual solutions like network upload, drive shipping and PowerShell command to import PST files into Office 365 but for this you need required permissions and technical expertise. If you want an easy solution, you can use Stellar Migrator for Outlook, this tool can directly import large sized PST files into office365 with the modern authentication method.