I made a new microsoft 365 tenant and suddenly users appeared

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Made a new Microsoft tenant account for a customer and few hours later suddenly there were several users on the list without being added? 


They include several no longer active users and old names for people(like maiden names for married women).


The customer is currently using Google workspace and is transitioning to 365.  


Any idea why? And what happens if I just delete them all? Will they come back and haunt us again?


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Any migration we did for the new tenant?

No migrations done.

Only actions made were:

1) Order microsoft 365 licenses
2) Create new tenant for them as part of the order process,
3) Link the yyyy.com domain by setting the ms=msXXXXXXX txt record.
4) couple of hours later when I came back to continue the process by creating the users some of them already existed.