I don't have access to as my Authenticator is not available.

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I am a sole trader and somehow have a "school/work" tag attached to my personal e-mail, which is set up on my own domain. To claim access to the portal I had to add a DNS TXT code to the server, which I did, but am now locked out because my Authenicator app is producing 8 digit codes for my personal account and does not seem to be linked to this mysterious work account.


As I have no way of logging in to the account I can't work out how to get rid of this "work" account and just keep my personal account (which uses the same e-mail). In my tinkering I removed the personal account from my Microsoft account (I have a yahoo address to access it with) but now can't add it back because it is apparently managed through this portal I've never seen and can't access.


I just want control of my account/e-mail address to use. Can anyone help me unlink it from this "work" account, or access the portal to unlink it, or does Microsoft have its claws in that e-mail address forever and I should just walk away and get a new e-mail address?




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Seem only your Microsoft 365 tenant admin or Microsoft support can help for you case

@Kidd_Ip, thanks, that is what I figured. I'm supposed to be the admin I suppose (there is noone else)... There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to reach Microsoft Support. Are you aware of a link to contact them?

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