I am unable to get the User Usage details for the Microsoft VISIO and Microsoft Project

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In my Organization we have purchased the Microsoft VISIO and Microsoft Project licensed version and my management wants to know the users usage details of those apps but I am unable to get those details in audit log and anywhere. Please advise where will I get those details.

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There's a Usage report for Project in the M365 admin center: https://admin.microsoft.com/#/reportsUsage/ProjectActivity
Visio is not covered yet, either in the reports or audit log.
Thanks For your update, I was trying to get the details using PowerShell script using the following comment "Search-UnifiedAuditLog -StartDate (Get-Date).AddDays(-90) -EndDate (Get-Date) -RecordType Project -ResultSize 5000" but the result i am getting in powershell and the report which shown in the admin center are different. Please advise is there any other way to get the result using powershell
Asking again since your reply is from 2022, Has Visio Usage been added yet?



Security & Compliance Center under M365 admin center would help

@Kidd_Ip Do you have a direct link to their techcommunity forum?