How to stop automatic updates in O365 - SharePoint Online

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I have similar problem like described in 2015 in post 

We have some nicely branded portal based on SharePoint Online modern pages. Unfortunately after automatic  changes made by Microsoft our layout sometimes crashes. To prevent that we would like to have 2 tenants. First for testing/development with updates on and second with stopped/delayed updates so we won't be surprised by weird layout in production environment. 

On our portal we have some css injected on our site using SPO applications added to sites. We haven't found any better solution for custom branding in modern sites. Is it possible to use master pages on modern sites?

Any information on how to stop updates or how to change look and feel of our SPO portal is welcome. And by changing look and feel i don't mean standard function because there isn't much one can do. 

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You cannot stop updates in SPO, what you can do is just to Opt out modern features in your sites what means for instance yo will no have modern SPO document libraries, modern pages and so on. You should not customize master pages in SPO, it's simply a bad practice

@Juan Carlos González Martín thank you for your answer. You said that i shouldn't customize master pages, so how can i customize how our portal looks? Is injecting css and JS a better idea? Or maybe there is another option for advanced customization we didn't thought about? 

Has anyone come up with a viable option to prevent automatic updates to modern sites?