How to see which file extension is blocked by a transport rule?

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Is there anyway to see exactly why a transport rule is blocking a certain mail? I know of course I can see what rule is doing the blocking but I need to find why and what is the reason.


I have a rule blocking a bunch of extensions within attachments that are blocking a few emails with attachments and I need to find out what in those attachments is the cause for the blocking. They include way too much information for me to do this manually.


Can anybody help pointing me to where I can access this information or possibly have a handy pshell script getting this?




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No one? There must be a way to see this. Some way to extract the information on why a transport rule triggers and exacly on what in an email or attachment.

I would suggest to ask the question in the exchange group

Hi Joacim,


The email message header and message tracing should give you the proper answers. Try this blog post to identify your triggered messages:


- Dominik

Good question, unforgettably there's no way to detect that until now.