How to enable app passwords?

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where can I enable App Passwords for my users/mailboxes in admin center?
I can't find it.




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This setting is in the old MFA portal:


And you should avoid it, now that all first-party (and some third-party) apps support Modern auth, there is no need to use this.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks for your answer. I'm aware of the security risk, but the App I want to use doesn't support MFA at the moment and I need it urgently. 


I followed your link. MFA with App passwords was already enabled. But how can I use it?

If I try to add another authentication method (in the user settings itself) I can only chose between telephone and authenticator app. App password is missing.

If it's enabled in the MFA portal, you should see it as an option under My Sign-Ins (

If it's not there, check whether Security defaults are enabled. If that's not it either, open a support case.