How to disable message center emails going to my customer

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I am an Office 365 partner and my customer keeps getting the Message Center Major Change Update Notifications and wants them to stop. I have removed him as a global admin and tried to disable the email from his account. But as it's my account it is not updating on his. How can I change it on another users account?


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Have him login to the admin portal and switch the notifications there? > Preferences > Email.

@Vasil Michev I followed your path. There it is only possible to set your own preferences. But I want to prevent other users from receiving this mails. How do I do that?

Did you find a solution?
I have an user receiving mails but he is unable to access that page.

Hi @marcel1545, support showed me a workaround via the exchange admin center -> Mail flow -> Rules. Create a rule which deletes messages from the specific address to the recipient. Not the beautiful way, but it works. 

@Birger- thank you, that realy is a somewhat ugly way. 

I don't understand why this is not managable as org. admin. 

@marcel1545 Grant the user some form of admin rights so they can logon to here: - go to the 'email' tab, remove the tick on the primary email, click save and then revert the user.


I have just done this. 


Low (possibly least) privilege way of doing this is by assigning the Message Center Privacy Reader role to the target user.