Global Administrator role removed by partner reseller

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I am in the process of transferring my Office 365 subscription from a partner reseller to Microsoft. With help from Microsoft support I have started a new subscription directly with Microsoft.

Domain will be at same registrar. I was assigned to the Global Administrator role by the partner reseller.

I have started the process to end the partner reseller subscription. 

But my Global Administrator role was suddenly removed by the partner. They said all Global Administrator roles will be removed by default every Sunday at all tenants administrated by the reseller.

Is this a normal procedure? 

Partner is also slow to respond to my request about ending partner subscription.  


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That's something that you should address with them, I dont believe it's a common practice. 

Thanks for your reply. @Vasil Michev 


It is hard to get response from my partner support, very long waiting lines on phone. Mails are partly answered. That is one of the reasons I have for moving to Microsoft. My experience with support at Microsoft has been very good.

@Torgeir Johansen,


In addition to reseller relationship, it appears your (ex-)partner also have delegated roles in your tenant. To remove these roles, have your account elevated to Global Admin again, and then navigate to O365 Admin portal > Settings > Partner relationships > select the old partner > click "Remove Roles".


This will only remove their delegated roles, but to completely remove the reseller authority, "they" will need to remove your account from Partner Center.



I did not want to remove the partner roles as it is the partner responsibility to end partner subscription and partner relationship from their side. 

I did buy my subscription at a Partner Reseller more than 7 years ago. That was a mistake as this partner's support was not able to perform. It was also about 25% more expensive than direct subscription from Microsoft.

I did start the process on partner relationship removal at 22nd December and on Monday 4th January partner relationship was finally removed.

This was with excellent help from Microsoft Billing support. They did send an e-mail to partner support: "This customer wants to cancel the subscription with you, please help to cancel the subscription in your system immediately, if cannot, please give me the reason! Thanks!"

That made my day! So now everything is working fine!