Global Admin share file to 'User A', not shown in 'User A' or 'Our Files'

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I have two issues.


Issue 1:

I am a Global Admin and have shared folder/file to 'User A'.

In my Onedrive: Shared/Shared By You is shows this folder/file being shared to 'User A'


I then check using link to access 'User A' Onedrive to make sure that the file has successfully been shared by me to him under 'Our Files', however an error page is shown, but the top and side tabs appear normally.


Issue 2:

My 'Accountant User' has a financial report in excel file, however that file is linked to multiple excel files. All the links have been moved from D drive to Onedrive and re-linked in the excel file, so the path link is in the Onedrive folder. One folder of financial report and all the links are saved in a single folder with appropriate link establed with Onedrive.

My problem is, whenever I open the financial report, it says that the Link has been 'moved, disabled or deleted'. This problem occurs to all user with the same share file.


Please help.


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