G-Suite Legacy to MS365 IMAP folder issue/bug

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Migrated some users from Google's G-Suite Legacy to MS 365. 

Used EAC 'Migration batches' for migration of mailboxes (IMAP migration). 


In Gmail there are 2 special folders called 'Starred' and 'Important'. They were migrated to MS365 but I cannot delete or rename them in Outlook (both online and in desktop app). I think they are marked as a 'special folder', but I need to be able to delete them as they are not necessary anymore.


Migration batches are deleted. 


Outlook generated some sync errors:


- "Cannot move distinguished folder."  (code -19723)
- "The folder save operation failed due to invalid property values." (code 19888)
This is bad. Looks like a problem/bug. Outlook/Exchange should import them as normal folders. 
How can I solve this? Any ideas?
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Same problem: after a Gmail migration I'm stuck with "Important" and "Starred" folders marked as distinguished and thus cannot be deleted. Also have a funky folder under contacts that looks like a guid that I can't delete.