From Single Developer To Company: Recommended setup and registration problems

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I have a Microsoft account to which I have subscriptions for O365 Family, Visual Studio, XBox Play, Office Developer, Windows Developer and my certifications are attached to this profile.

I have since applied for a partner sponsorship and registered a company, which I am hoping to get accredited to on sell products, services and collaborate on projects, etc.  I have created a partner profile and the tenant is a new one created for the organization. Therefore a new Microsoft profile, separate developer profile and are about to change the DNS settings for MX records, but thought let me just make sure, and couldn't find information in the interweb thus engaged with O365 Support, case #‎24678422 (problem is, is that there are a multitude of tenants spanning devops, azure, o365 etc., and no one Microsoft support agent has access over a broad spectrum of services)‎.

I could have set up the domain in the original tenant but, what are the recommended preferences for a natural progression like this?

I would like my personal profile and company profile to be attached in order for certifications and accreditations to be compounded and especially in forums like this, I want to engage as one person.

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