File Extension Errors from Migrations Tool

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I am using the Migrations tool to move data from Dropbox to a Document library in Sharepoint. This is a one-to-one move, one Dropbox folder to be transferred directly to one Document library.


After running the Scan, I receive an error file FileExtension.csv that lists about 1000 files that have an invalid extension. The results are in the following format:

xxx-xxx-xxx Dropbox-RootDropbox-Root00d


My problem is that the FullPath field does not actually list the full path of the file causing the issue. It lists the root directory instead of the full path. In order to correct these errors before migrating the files, I would need to have the full path. Any tips for how to isolate and correct these errors? Am I missing something?

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I know this is not going to help, but for a recent project we decided to use a third party tool because of the limitations we found in the Migration Manager


Seem this is the limitation in existing version and you may consider 3rd party tool