Export Content search results Split on 3 pst files

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im trying to export a user mailbox (38 Gb) via "Content search results" but the download process split the mailbox to 3 pst files of 10 Gb.


I want to download the whole mailbox as one pst file.


Product : office 365 (Cloud).

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@MMASLOUH Please have a look at this page. It describes how to change the default. 

@pvanberloit doesn't say anything about splitting files - anymore

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Hey @MMASLOUH , you are trying to export a large user mailbox from Office 365 using the "Content search results" feature but encountering issues where the download process splits the mailbox into three PST files of 10 GB each instead of a single PST file. Right!! You can use the link I'm mentioning below to resolve the problem.


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@MMASLOUH Please have a look at this page. It describes how to change the default. 

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