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Morning, my credit union recently switched to Office 365.  We have recently noticed an issue with employees accessing their emails via their mobile devices.  Only a certain group of employees are able to do pre Office 365 conversion.  We have disabled Exchange Active Sync for my account on the Admin site.  Yet I am still able to access Outlook via my phone.  Any ideas?  Thank you all.  

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If you want to restrict user accessing Mails outside Office network then you can setup Conditional Access with white listing certain IP Range.  You can implement EMS E3/E5 to gain better control how data is accessed and from where its accessed






Thank you for the reply.  I looked at the link and those are the steps to set up a mobile device.  I need a way to prevent workers from accessing Outlook on their mobile devices.   



I update the My answer, Actually i was trying to answer someone else as well.

With the new "native sync technology", you need to block it via a different parameter:


Set-CASMailbox -OutlookMobileEnabled $false


More details here: