Error message when setting email forwarding for a blocked user

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I am getting this error when setting up email forwarding for a blocked user account in admin.


The operation couldn't be performed because object 'e4c37e42-253b-4c9d-954b-950c091a2e42' couldn't be found on 'MWHPR10A02DC004.NAMPR10A002.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM'.


Do I have to forward the email before blocking user sign in?

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Hi, this should work just fine.  Where are you trying to set the forwarding for the user who is blocked from sign in?  Are you doing this from the Exchange Admin Center under Mailbox Features > Mail Flow > Delivery Options as shown below?

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 07.16.38.png

@PeterRising Thanks.  Our setup looks a little different.  I was trying to do it under the user settings which appears to get you to the same settings.  I ended up unblocking the user and then was able to do it.



Yep, that'll sure do it.  Glad you got sorted out.